What a Damn Shit Place!!

asli deh, ni tempat bener2 keji dan kejam.


masuk jam 8 pagi, pulang GA BOLEH jam 5 sore.

padahal tetangga sebelah itu kerjanya bnr2 8 jam, tapi gajinya 30% lebih gede dr tempat gw yg kerjanya lebih dr 8jam. Tetangga sebelah itu menganut aturan shift. Tapi kn fair!!!

Ga kek ni tempat damn shit!!!


Gw jamin, dlm waktu 6 bln ke depan, udah regenerasi berkali2.

dalam 2 bulan terahir aja udah ada 5 org yg resign.

ni ada kisah pribadi gw.
3 hari ini gw sakit (pilek, batuk ga brenti2, demam tinggi).
sampe pas lg batuk, dibilangin "Karina, pulang aja." << dibilangin sama supervisornya tmn gw.
tapi leader gw emg kek setan, dy ya adem ayem aja.
Gw lg pingsan aja,dsuruh buru2 bangun trs kerja.

ga bener bgt!!

semoga aja mereka semua diberi balasannya di akhirat!!


Keep your intelligent

Which one will you choose??

1. Show off your intelligent for your first impression
2. Keep your intelligent until the day you can prove that you are not stupid as they said to you

I prefer number 2 to number 1.
Because I think, the way such number 2 is more intelligent than number 1.
So you will be satisfied, very satisfied when they amazed that you are intelligent as real.


Sunday Nap

Why am I always reject the appointment in Sunday??

Because I need bed rest in Sunday.

For me, Sunday Nap is like recharging for the coming week.

When I get asleep in Monday, that's only because my napless in Sunday.

So why we must hate Monday, if you get enough sleep in Sunday.

Happy Sunday!!

Don't Hate Monday!!



i do better go from this world

i do better dead

i do better dead

i do better dead

i do better dead now


your own success

sometimes, people define success in their own way.
rarely meet one person who define success same as us.
maybe, this quote from my friend can generalize definition of success from all people.
Success of life is in your room. 
The AC said "Be Cool". 
The roof said "Aim High". 
The window said "see the world". 
The mirror said "reflect before you act". 
The clock said "Every minute is precious". 
The door said "push through your effort"
The Calendar said "Be Up-to-date"

The Bed said "get enough rest"
what do you feel after read that quote??


mother choices

which one will you choose when the time has come to you??

mother like this??

mother who always take care of children and husband then make house as home

or mother like this??

you will a little hard to meet your own mother because of her carrier. but you will spoiled by much money.
indeed, a difficult choice.

there is another choice, last choice.

mother who will be your partner at any trend. maybe we can called socialite mother.
wehhehehhehehe. lots of friends, but consumtive.

i think, when time has come to you as a mother.
you need more effort to combine all kinds of mother above.


if suicide is not a sin

when suicide becomes legal everywhere and is not kind of sin.

i do sure, so many people in this world try to do that.

then, i do sure i want to do this now.

but still,

suicide is one kind of sin now.

so then i will do it in my own brainless.